Back up and running

After a great deal of issues this site is back up and ready to go!

Since my last real post to this, I had purchased the Tryon-Baggallay Papers from their family in the UK, adding a Moses Tryon letter to my collection/shrine but thereby winding up with a mound of papers relating to a line of the family through a nephew of Moses.  Together with Michael Tryon (Tryon Genealogist), Michelle Ann Kratts (Adult Service Librarian/Local Historian), and a handful of others, a pretty solid genealogy was assembled for the papers early years that had been earlier merely a fog of misinformation and supposition and sloppy transcription!  I will keep the Moses letter which was a hand-me-down within the family, written to the (adopted?) father of the wife of Moses’ nephew (can you follow that?)… But the entirety of the remaining Tryon-Baggallay papers will be settled in an appropriate repository for safe-keeping and availability for future researchers.  I have digitized the entire collection and will be available to genealogists upon request.

While this was wrapping up, I was contacted by Ipper Collens who had purchased a letter from Moses Jr TO his father!  She sent me a good digital copy but then decided to donate it to my archive on Moses!  Very generous and finally brought home!

Meanwhile some new leads were brought to my attention regarding letters and information surrounding Moses Tryon that had not appeared in my earlier searches… Either recently deposited in said collection or very recently come to light.  Yesterday was an excursion to the New York Public Library, manuscripts division, which yielded a letter written by Capt. Moses Tryon hours before the CONNECTICUT set sail on her mission… Data for both the Moses bio and the USS CONNECTICUT story!

How I wish and pray for a portrait of Moses Tryon to come to light!!  And if anyone should be traveling to Cuba anytime soon, despite King Baby’s new prohibitions, please do let me know… I have a photo request for a cemetery holding the remains/headstone of Moses Tryon Jr.