Researching Individuals

Some time ago, starting with the happy discovery of Horace Lane’s published memoires, I began to research the individuals connected to the ship with a hope of finding out more about the vessel’s story.  I have been rather successful in uncovering things that did not make the official record and in bridging gaps of ship’s logs and her day-to-day activities.  But in so doing, the people began to take on a life of their own and in short order became as important as the story of the ship.  I had resolved to collect as much as I feasibly could (well, even more in my dogged determination) on the crewmembers, Naval and merchant, and choose one of three things depending upon the resulting information collected:

  1. If enough data is gathered to warrant it, a book )with intent to publish on some level) on that individual will be written to include as much of their life as I can cram into it, including a very brief genealogy (children, maybe grandchildren) for descendants to enjoy, and place a copy in each relevant repository.
  2. Moderate data would yield a booklet or bound file, probably not published, placed in each relevant repository.
  3. Little data would be left to a mention in the BIG book, if ever I get it published.

As I indicated on the main page, the book for Capt. Tryon is about complete.  Juggling it with other aspects of this grand project and my own life has slowed down the progress, but it is something that must be done!

4 thoughts on “Researching Individuals

  1. Hello! This is all very interesting. Louis Manierre was my fifth great grandfather. I am wondering if you have found any information on him so far. If you are interested in comparing information, let me know.

  2. Laura, I am ALWAYS interested in opening dialogue and sharing with descendants. I sent you a private e-mail to begin information exchange… Let me know when you’ve gotten it?


  3. I was contacted by a Joseph Morneault in regards to Mme Le Gras out of New Orleans. I responded to the e-mail, but it was returned.
    I can be reached at and would be more than happy to try and give some direction. I will be in New Orleans in a month and if needed, can physically do some research if it can’t be searched online.

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