John Haynes (Hanes, Haines) – Boatswain

John Haynes (Hanes, Haines) served as the ship’s boatswain – or bosun – entering the Navy on 9 Aug 1799.  He reported for duty aboard the Connecticut on 26 Aug 1799, four days after the ship arrived in New London.  He appeared to have served well and without much for comment as the ship’s logs do not report any incident with him.  He remained with the vessel in Nov 1800 when command was transferred to Capt. Richard Derby, and was later discharged (1 May 1801) during the downsizing of the Navy.

The Naval record of his brief service specifically states that he was “of Connecticut” (the State).  I have made several attempts to trace this man and a terrific clue came from Haynes family researcher Maurice Hitt; I had been following a good but incorrect candidate, thinking that the John Haynes born to James and Phebe in New London was “my” man.  However the best candidate to date is John Haynes (Haines, Hanes, Hines), born in London, England and came to Connecticut sometime before 1793.  He appears to have married a local girl named Lucy Fargo and he died in 1827.  They appear to have had four children, and one of the sons – John Jr. – went on to become a sailor and a rigger.  I am fairly well certain that I have found my man, and you can view my record, but the search for further corroborating evidence continues…

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