Lieut. Andrew MaCombs

M’Combs, MaCombes, McCombs, &c.  It seems that even in his lifetime various alternative spellings of his name would present on sundry documents.

Andrew Macomb was born around 1759 and where is a bit ambiguous.  It is possible that he was born in either Ireland or Scotland, based on various genealogical sources, but I suspect that he might very well have come from or at least lived in around Virginia, USA.  There is a further suggestion that his father was also Andrew McComb (by any spelling) and that he had been a general… This I cannot find any evidence for just yet. In any event, Andrew (1759) took to the sea and some time in the mid-1780s he resided in Salem, Massachusetts.  In his interactions regarding business he came to Connecticut, met and then married Rebecca Goodrich (b. abt. May 1767), settling in Stepney (Rocky Hill), CT.

Andrew was the master of several CT vessels, and then joined the new US Navy on 23 April 1799, appointed as First Lieutenant aboard the sloop of war Connecticut under Capt. Moses Tryon.  He served a year and then returned home, resuming his merchant ship-master vocation.

Andrew and Rebecca had six children:

  • James – b.1787. d.24 Nov. 1810, Stepney (Rocky Hill), CT.
  • Nancy – b.1790
  • Sarah – b.1792  d. 4 Jan. 1865
  • Clarissa – b.1794
  • Charlotte – b.1796 d. Oct. 1819, Simsbury, CT.
  • Andrew Jr. – b.1803. d.27 Sept. 1805.

Andrew died while on a visit to Virginia (business?) on 17 Sept. 1805.  I am currently and actively trying to gather more personal information on Andrew with the intention, like with Moses Tryon, of publishing a biography.  A genealogy to his grandchildren will be included; this is not as easy as it sounds, for records are not as comprehensive for this period as one might hope, and not every birth, marriage, or even death seem to make it into local vital records.  The newspapers make it clear that Charlotte had died in Simsbury, but I cannot find (as yet) any record definitively pointing to her burial location.

I do invite anyone looking into this family to contact me by posting a comment and a return e-mail address or such, and I will get back to you as soon as I am aware of your reaching out.


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  1. Hi, I descend from Andrew through his daughter Nancy. I don’t have any further information but am curious if you have found anything further. Thank you for the site.

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