Seth Overton

Seth Overton had been one of the mass refugees to Connecticut from Long Island in August 1776, settling up the Connecticut River in Chatham, on the east bank across from Middletown, and the part that became the current town of Portland.  By most accounts, Seth had been a colourful character and was heavily involved in local business and shipping, keeping a wharf along the CT River and serving as his own captain for various voyages.  There is also a biography in the works for this exceptional man which I hope might bring him more into the light of the local history.  Despite a well-meaning veteran’s marker planted at his grave, Seth was not ever in the US Navy much less a captain in it… Rather, he was a sanctioned privateer, involved directly in shipbuilding and trade, had his own wharf in Chatham (Portland), CT, and later served as a general in the Connecticut State Militia of which he was immensely proud.  I would look at a “Riot on Main St.” by Doris Sherrow for a window into Seth’s life.  His remains are in the old Portland Burying Ground.


More to come…

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