Howard Allen

After the CONNECTICUT was sold into private hands in 1801, she changed hands in part or entirely about every year.  At one point, Howard (Hayward) Allen [1762 – 1836] was hired to be the ship’s master and then he became a part-owner.  His is a life that ends sadly and in obscurity; with the essential help of Donna and Thomas McQuade, the three of us spent some time digging into unpublished records and put together a life of the man, sifting out the chaff of other men with the same or similar name.  This was back in about 2010, but my time has been so taken up with my business and family estate matters that my extra time has largely been focused on Moses Tryon and Seth Overton. However, recently someone reached out with a simple question which required me to open the box of info on Howard Allen and I am now trying to assemble the parts for the start of a biography.  Oh, it won’t be completed anytime soon, but I’ll post more data on him and his immediate family.